About us

imgNOVA Biologics, Inc. is a global provider of pharmaceutical and biological products and raw materials to clinical laboratories, research organizations, diagnostic test kit manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies. We offer a wide range of diagnostic serums and plasma, disease state and patient sample materials as well as human and animal based products for diagnostic usage and for further manufacture of therapeutic products. We are an approved supplier for many large global pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies.

We are also the sales and marketing representative of Excipient Human Serum Albumin for Octapharma to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

NOVA Biologics, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality diagnostic products and raw materials, with the technical and regulatory support required, to our diverse international customer base in order to help meet the demanding schedules of their organizations.

Our supplier group is among the finest in the industry, producing and manufacturing the highest quality human and animal based biological products available in the global marketplace.

Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our valued customers and provide them with secure procurement of products at competitive prices in a timely manner.

Our vision is to continue to facilitate supply and manufacturing partnerships to ensure development of human and animal based products that meet the highest quality.

We are constantly utilizing and expanding our extensive base of professional representative and industry contacts to market and sell products that will meet the rapid growth in demand for therapeutic and diagnostic products globally.