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Local Firms Are Finding Success in Foreign Sales

The San Diego Union Tribune
| By Dean Calbreath – Nov. 8, 2009

ut At a time when the U.S. economy faces a rocky road to recovery, it’s important to remember that the domestic market need not be the only game in town, even for a relatively small business.

“It’s really not hard at all if you have any international experience,” said Michael Crowley Sr. at Nova Biologics in Oceanside. “The problem is that 97 percent of Americans just don’t have a global perspective or a sense of how to get that business. Without the experience, the language skills and the global concept, people limit themselves to the U.S. market, which isn’t doing well these days.”

International experience does help. Before launching Nova Biologics, which distributes blood products to biotech laboratories throughout the world, Crowley had spent half a dozen years living in England, Israel and Finland while working for pharmaceutical giant Baxter Healthcare.

Crowley’s ties with Baxter came in handy after he launced Nova, which is now Baxter’s exclusive sales and marketing agent for human serum albumin, a blood-based product. Crowley has created alliances with other firms too, such as Cellular Technology and BioInternational Ltd.

“Whatever it is you’re selling, what you have to do is look internationally and see who the customers are and start contacting those people,” he said. “But most Americans don’t want to travel, don’t want to put the expense in. They’ve got to get on the ground instead of sitting around in Oceanside, without being able to speak another language.”

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