Human Plasma and Serum

plasmaNOVA Biologics, Inc. has distribution agreements with plasma donor centers worldwide. This allows us access to large volumes of plasma to meet our customer’s needs of all sizes. We presently supply over 50,000 liters of US origin plasma per year globally. Our offering of plasma includes access to Fresh Frozen Human Plasma centers located in England, Ireland and Scotland that can also meet global applications or needs. We presently supply over 30,000 liters of this material per year globally.

Normal Human Plasma and Serum

  • Source Human Plasma
  • Recovered Human Plasma
  • Off the Clot Human Serum
  • AB Serum – Male, Female, and Mixed Gender

Processed Human Serum

  • Defibrinated Human Serum
  • Defibrinated, Delipidized Human Serum
  • Charcoal Stripped Human Serum
  • Double Charcoal Stripped Human Serum


All plasma units are obtained from FDA licensed facilities located within the US or from EMEA licensed facilities located within Europe.