Human Protein Fractions

Human Based Diagnostic Materials
NOVA Biologics’ diagnostic grade Human Serum Albumin is appropriate for usage as a stable protein base, diluent or excipient. We provide batch-to-batch consistency with full traceability on all of our HSA products.

  • Human Serum Albumin, Lyophilized
  • Human Serum Albumin, Low B12/Low Folate
  • Human Serum Albumin, Fatty Acid Free
  • Human Serum Albumin Solution, Diagnostic
    • 25% x 50 mL
    • 20% x 50 mL

All of our diagnostic grade HSA can be custom manufactured to desired concentrations. Material is provided as a filtered bulk liquid, sterile filled, or as lyophilized product. All material is tested by FDA approved methods.

NOVA Biologics, Inc. offers Human Gamma Globulin (HGG) that is suitable for usage as a cell culture nutrient or as an IgG spike for in-vitro diagnostics. ASO levels are available on all lots.

  • Human Gamma Globulin Liquid
  • Human Gamma Globulin Powder