Human Serum – Off the Clot (OTC), Normal

///Human Serum – Off the Clot (OTC), Normal

Human Serum – Off the Clot (OTC), Normal

Off the clot human serum is collected from blood that is allowed to coagulate naturally. Serum remains when the clot is removed. Our material contains no coagulants or preservatives and is available in single donor units. Our OTC serum is appropriate for use in applications such as HLA typing, an addition to cell culture media, immunohistochemical staining and others.

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Our OTC serum is collected in US FDA licensed facilities. Each unit is tested by FDA licensed test and has tested negative for the following: HIV-1 RNA, HCV RNA, HBV DNA, Anti-HIV1/2, Anti-HCV, HBsAg, Syphilis, T. cruz (Chagas), and West Nile Virus RNA. Non-reactive for HBsAg, HIV-1 NAT, and HCV-NAT.